Janine Rudder


Helping people live richer, more fulfilling lives is at the heart of Manifestara’s work as well as Janine’s purpose and vision for her life.  As a coach she facilitates people and organizations in taking radical action in pursuit of their goals. Janine’s belief is that everyone has a unique and valuable contribution to make to their organization, community, and the broader world.  It is Manifestara’s job to help shed light on each person’s path and to empower them to take bold steps in the direction of their goals.

Janine has designed and facilitated workshops for education professionals at various levels both domestically and abroad.   She is committed to honoring the whole person, which is illustrated by her focus on both pedagogy and the importance of social emotional development in children and adults.  Janine is also a certified Pilates instructor dedicated to helping people move more freely to enjoy a better quality of life.

Janine is a Co-Active trained Coach who holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication Studies from Northeastern University and a Master of Arts degree in Sociology and Education from Teachers College, Columbia University.

“The coaching process has been transformational! The reminder that I already have all of the tools necessary to accomplish my goals was the catalyst to a couple of much-needed breakthroughs. I’m thrilled to have had this life coaching experience with Janine.”

Priscilla Irvine / Education Program Specialist

"Janine’s coaching helped me focus. Her questions revealed ways I could move forward in certain areas of my life. It was very easy to converse with her.”

Gareth Shipp / Customer Experience Specialist