Creative Multidimensional Leadership, Coaching and Impact


Take clear, meaningful action.


At Manifestara, we help individuals, groups, and organizations expand awareness, access imagination and insight, and find the courage and commitment to act in innovative and new ways to create meaningful and sustainable impacts. Creative Multidimensional Leadership principles can be applied in all domains of one’s life, and challenge the notion of a top-down, rigid command-and-control structure. The principles unleash organizational and individual creativity in surprising ways on multiple levels, nourishing vibrant and nimble courses of action in business and in life. Our package of services includes coaching, mediation, facilitation, and workshop development and design. Contact us if you are interested in this for yourself, your business, or your organization. Manifestara is owned and operated by Janine Rudder and Andrew Della Rocca.


“Viewers are as much a part of the landscape as the boulders they stand on.”

-Leslie Marmon Silko